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Snow Removal
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Water Features

Pond Diagram

Pond Diagram


Skimmer: Low maintenance, user friendly design. The only skimmer available with overflow design. Has a horizontal filter pad and an accurate pond level fill valve which will automatically activate when the pond level gets too low.


Plant pockets: Promotes health in plant development by allowing the roots to spread through surrounding gravel, unlike containerized plants, which can quickly become root-bound.


Underlayment: A woven needle punched underlayment forms a soft padding for the liner. Unlike newspapers, its quick to install. Unlike sand it completely covers the vertical areas of the pond shelves, and unlike carpet padding, it allows gasses to escape out the sides while looking more professional.


Liner: A strong 45 mil EPDM liner is the best choice for most pond installations. Unlike concrete, its easy and inexpensive to install and won't crack. When covered with stone it has a 40 year life expectancy. If a leak were ever to occur, a simple inner-tube patch kit can make it as good as new.


Fish: Fish, like Koi and goldfish can be successfully kept and even bred, in water that is only 2 feet deep as far north as zone 4 (MN)


Rocks and Gravel: Adding rocks and gravel to the pond solves many traditional pond problems and reduces pond maintenance. Gravel, unlike a smooth pond liner, provides surface area for bacteria to colonize. fish waste and other organic matter that settles to the pond bottom gets broken down by the bacteria living there. Anaerobic sludge is decreased naturally the way nature intended it.


Biofalls: A revolutionary pond filtration system. When installed it becomes a waterfall that has a molded shelf allowing for easy stone placement that completely camouflages the unit. High density polyethylene construction is firm but flexes during freeze - thaw cycles or shifting Earth. It will never crack.

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